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The village Pfaffendorf became in 1994 part of the small town Königstein. Königstein is situated in the heart of Elb-Sandstone-Mountain-Range, which is also called Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Swiss). There are fascinating landscapes und beautiful unique rock formations to be seen.

The distance between Königstein and Dresden is ca. 35 km. To the border crossing Schmilka to Tschech Republik it is ca. 20 km.

Because of public transportation (bus, train und ship from Königstein) you are able to visit the famous sights without car as well. Shopping facilities for daily stuff you will find in Königstein.

Our apartment is a perfect starting point for hiking tours into Sächsische Schweiz. Climb the Pfaffenstein, the Fortress Königstein, the Gohrischstein, ... or the Lilienstein. Your sweat will every time be honored by an awesome view into the valley of the river Elbe.

Through the National Park and its surroundings also criss cross many bike trails. The Elb-Bike-Walking-Trail from Schöna to Heidenau is about 34 km long and there are only minimal hight differences.
You can also bike down along the river Elbe to the castle Pillnitz or to Dresden. For that you need quiet good condition!

If you like it wet, you also can do a tour on the river Elbe by canoe or raft. The countryside near by the river between Stadt Wehlen and Rathen and the view on the Basteimassiv are unforgetable.
A tour by ship / steam boat on the Elbe between Königstein and Dresden are always counted as a high light by visitors.

If you are romantic you will like to visit some of the lot of fortresses and castles around. You will get a clue of the time of the late middle ages. The most impressive ones are: Castle Moritzburg, Castle Kuckuckstein, Castle Weesenstein and Fortress Stolpen.

... and what can be done at really hot weather?? Than you go to the neighborhood village Cunnersdorf. There you find a nice lake in the woods for swimming.

If the weather is not so well on the other hand you can relax at the new Toscana Therme in Bad Schandau. Enjoy wellness pur with music and light effects. The "smaller" guests will love the "Mariba Freizeitwelt" in Neustadt or the "Geibeltbad" in Pirna.

You want to know more about our region? than visit: www.elbsandsteingebirge.de

Festung Königstein
Festung KönigsteinToskana Therme Bad Schandau
Toskana Therme Bad Schandau
monte mare Neustadt in Sachsen
Mariba Freizeitwelt Neustadt